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CUrrent Services

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Food & Supply


GNOCC is partnered with the New Orleans Mutual Aid Society and Broadmoor Pantry, and many other organizations in the GNO area to deliver food boxes on a monthly basis at no cost to you. We also offer limited supply delivery and grocery shopping (situation & funding dependent).


Please email:

for more information.



If you are interested in receiving pre made meals instead of a food box, please email for more information.

Laundry Service

If you do not have access to laundry facilities at home or you lack transportation to get to a nearby laundromat, we offer a free pick up and laundry drop off. This service is provided to people for free through our partnership with Black and Gold laundromat.


Please email: for more information.



We supply personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as transportation and help scheduling vaccination appointments. 

Previous Services

School lunch Delivery

We offer free delivery of school lunches offered in the New Orleans metro area while schools are closed during the covid19 crisis.

Resource Hotline

Call our hotline from 9am - 4pm daily for information on other social resources in your neighborhood. Coming Soon

Rent Assistance

Our goal was to offer rent assistance to lower income families who do not qualify for any other type of aid. Applications for June rent assistance were open from May 15, 2020 through May 17, 2020 when capacity was reached. At this time, applications are closed until further notice

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