We continue to fund raise and your donation is important despite the fact that cities and states are beginning to reopen.

Why is this? New Orleans is a city based on tourism, entertainment and fine dining. While restaurants may begin to reopen, and folks may be called back to work, the customer volume will still be very low for quite some time.

New Orleans culture workers and service industry workers will not be earning anything close to what they need to survive in the coming months. They will need your help more than ever to stay afloat while they return to work for lower take home wages and are no longer able to receive unemployment benefits.


FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - Our goal is to provide food & supply delivery to at-risk community members. Many of our community members do not have the funds to buy food and supplies, as they are also out of work due to the spread of Covid-19. We aim to provide not only food & supply delivery, but funds to buy them as well for community members in need. We currently deliver to 1000+ community members, and our list of folks needing help is growing exponentially. Your donation will help us reach more people.

We are accepting donations for FOOD ASSISTANCE / SUPPLIES:

Donations of non-perishable food items (canned goods) are also needed:

GNOCC drop-off Location:

2705 S. Broad Ave

New Orleans, LA 70125


Donation drop-off times:

Saturdays: 11am-4pm

Sundays: 12pm - 4pm


RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - The economy of New Orleans is largely based on tourism which has all but disappeared since the spread of Covid-19. Thousands of workers have been left without an income in this difficult time. Although many organizations have popped up that are offering aid, the large majority of this aid is focused on service industry workers (bartenders, servers & gig economy workers). We are fundraising for those workers who don't fit into this category, and who also do not have the financial paperwork or employer references that are required by other organizations that are offering financial rent assistance.

We are NOT accepting donations for RENT ASSISTANCE at this time:

Click here for more information on what we have accomplished in the past


GNOCC is an Unicorporated Non-Profit registered witht he IRS

100% of funds donated to go community members in need



​Tel: 504.662.3764                                                  


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